Saturday, December 20, 2008


In a world of one and two children families, people think that children in large families miss out, that they're being cheated of what all these other kids get in these smaller families. From the point of view of a child in a large family, I'd say they've got it all backwards. In my particular family a majority of us (I haven't discussed it with all 9 of my siblings) feel greatly blessed by the experience and richness that being in a large family has provided. Perhaps other people are thinking how much stuff/time they give to their one or two children and then try to imagine providing that much for 5, 8 or 10 kids. Maybe they think it would be a sad childhood to have to share everything. If that's the concern, I offer this picture for their consideration.

We don't have a little CD player like this at our house so it was quite a novelty while we were at my parents house this past week. Here's the scene I walked in on. If you can't tell, each boy has one ear-bud and they are listening to the CD together with the little guy leaning on his big brother.

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