Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fresh Honey

This past week we visited my parents (and siblings) and while there, one of my sisters brought home some fresh honey comb. It looks like the caps that cover the honey combs had been removed for the most part.

Here's a close up. Look at all the honey in there! Isn't it crazy to think that they put honey in there a little tiny bit at a time and think how much we eat on one serving of toast!!

Here's mom cutting some off to show my sister how she should do it so we can put it in the jars.

And HERE are the jars of honey/honey comb. She sent two jars home with me. A good bit of honey had dripped out but I need to get the rest of it out. Some bits of honey comb have crumbled into the honey and I'm not all fired up about eating bees wax so I think I'm going to get some cheese cloth and strain it out. I actually have no idea if/how that will work. We'll see.

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