Monday, December 22, 2008

Home Made Gift Tags

Okay, remember the wiki stix that we made? Well, now is the time to make them into little cute gifts. I got some little bags at the dollar store to put them in and I made some tags that I think turned out kinda cute. I got out the pack of scrapbooking Christmas paper that I got a year or two ago and never used, my cutting mat that's quilting size (as opposed to scrapbooking size), and these little round cutting thingers that you've probably seen at Creative Memory get togethers. I haven't gone to any of those things for several years and I can't recall if they have a name (did you not catch my previous entry about my memory?!) but they're great for cutting nice smooth circles. The other option would be tracing various cups but the cutting part is tedious that way.

So, a little paper and a little glue and here are a few of our wiki stix gifts.

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