Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blanket Training

Today I started working on blanket training my smallest. I had a lot to do this morning and keeping her out of trouble wasn't something I wanted to spend a lot of time on. More produce is coming in tomorrow instead of Friday and I realized that there are several things from last week that we've not used up so I needed to freeze those things (green peppers, broccoli and squash) and I also needed to start some chicken in the crock pot for tonight (called cream cheese chicken, I've never had it, I hope it's good). Getting my cooking out of the way earlier has become a goal of mine lately, but that's another topic.
What is blanket training? Well, it's just teaching them to sit and play on a blanket you've put on the floor until you've allowed them to get off. I did this with the previous baby a little earlier than this. I didn't use it extensively but it was useful at times. And now is the time I need it for this one. Right now she's always into cabinets and all sorts of things she ought not be in. A play pen would be an option, yes, but either she'd have to be back in my room where the pack-n-play is set up, thus attracting the other little lady in there (and she'll just get into all my stuff and she's much more creative about getting into things) or I'd have to haul the pack-n-play in and out of the room which is a pain. And it's easier to take the blanket outside, to someone else's house, etc. While blanket training takes time, it's easier in the long run. AND a good practice in obeying mommy.
It's not overly difficult. Especially now, as she understands the gist of what I'm saying when I tell her to stay on the blanket. As soon as she gets off, I put her back on making sure not to let her have her way in wandering off. If you let them wander off they'll never stay on when you want them to. I started off with about 10-15 mintues this morning. I gave her some kitchen things to play with. Her big sister decided to join her. (Really mom, her hair is like that for security reasons! No one will be able to identify her! Same for the spoon.)

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