Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Cutest Cook

This is my little cook. He always helps me and apparently he's burnt himself (nothing of any significance, mind you) enough times that he's decided that he can only help using oven mits. Of course, he has been known to touch things to see if they're hot. All part of the learning curve I suppose. Needless to say, the mits are quite limiting.
He decided (after wearing my apron around for about an hour) that he would like his own apron. So, tomorrow when we go grocery shopping I guess we'll get some apron fabric for the little man.

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mamazee said...

Hey! i've got a little cook, too - wants me to call him "Chef" :) - six is a fun age... I also made all the littles matching aprons once out of flat sheets (i don't use flat sheets, but they come in the package!)...