Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have this little short person in my house who really likes to get into things.
This is where all interesting things collect. The top shelf there is everything that this particular little person should NOT have. It's where all those things she gets and should not have gotten get placed because I'm in the middle of teaching/cooking/doing something or other on the computer or whatever. This is also where school books and lesson plans collect sometimes, where recipes and notes about next years curriculum turn into snow drift-like piles of paper, where homeless CD's collect, where soda bottles are seldom found but were there today because some little person (hmmm, who could that be) was carrying it around the living room while I was looking at Sonlight curriculum.

So, this place is, of course, the one spot that attracts her. Afterall, most of these things were things that she found interesting elsewhere and have been deposited here. It's like a treasure desk! A marker and notebook in her hand, she's giving the rest of it a once over to see what she might want to make off with. I think she's planning on making a list so she's prepared next time she gets this opportunity.