Thursday, February 5, 2009

Solving Front Seat Wars

My friend, Kendall, was unable to leave her comment but here's her idea on solving the "who gets to sit in the front seat" delima for anyone who has kids sitting in the front seat.

“here's a thought on the justness of who sits in the front for which leg of the shopping trip. Have each young person who is old enough to be allowed to be in the front seat have a week in the front. on Sunday a new week begins and a new child has their week in the front. It ended all arguments when Mum implemented that regime as I was growing up.”

We not only have front seat wars but also wars over who's turn it is to sit by the baby. This is a great idea! Thanks!

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mamazee said...

I love both of those ideas (using it for both front seat and beside baby) - we are maxing out our nine seater suburban now, and *someone* is in the front with mama and daddy, but it's always my big boy next to baby. I'm not sure if i should spread the joy with her - he loves that baby and is really good at keeping her happy and smiley... but the weekly "you're in the front seat" would make some people feel very happy...